Developing software is hard. Organizations that carry out software development worldwide face some common challenges. These challenges emerge out of the difficulty in managing the ever-increasing code. This factor, combined with people skill issues and attrition can derail a project, and some times even kill it.

Xsemble is a novel technology that addresses these challenges through extreme componentization and visualization. One may view Xsemble as a low code tool, but with more flexibility and no vendor lock-in.

Webinar and Trainings

We are holding FREE introductory webinar on August 11th (rescheduled from Aug 10th). It will be followed by Q&A. The webinar is targeted towards the business leaders and project managers. It will cover the high level view of the common challenges and the approach to the solution. It will be held at 8 to 9 pm IST, 10:30 to 11:30 am EST.  Click here to join.

In the same month, we are planning to follow up with trainings on individual topics.

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