This section is changing. Please revisit us soon to check out the changed videos.

Features Overview

Prerequisites and Installation

The installation videos are a little dated and are slated to be replaced. The procedure from the ‘Get Started’ page is up-to-date and overrides anything in the videos. However, some parts of the videos are still useful.

Specifically, release 2.5 onwards we brought some simplifications to the onboarding process. You may refer to the ‘Prerequisites’ video to check how to install Java and Gradle. However you do not need Tomcat as a pre-requisite now, and you can safely ignore that. Further, as given in the ‘Installation’ video, you do not need a key to get started. When you run Xsemble for the first time, you will be asked to register and a key will be automatically generated.


White Papers / Documents

Xsemble positioning
Software development process
Xsemble Primer
Xsemble whitepaper
Test bundle user guide