The Xsemble marketplace is a marketplace of components, projects and Xsemble applications. Some of them are available for free, others for a price. The marketplace is meant for a world-wide collaboration on the development of software at a rapid pace.

Here is more information about the individual items.

  1. Components: Reusable Xsemble components, made available in repositories containing those. The repositories group together the components pertaining to a purpose (for example, a repository of accounting components).
  2. Subprojects: Xsemble projects that are meant to provide implementation for some common problem (such as, login functionality) can be used as subprojects within other projects to save time.
  3. Project templates: Projects belonging to some domain may act a great starting point for someone who wants to build an application in that domain. They save time instead of starting from scratch. The projects may be fully implemented, partially implemented or not implemented at all.
  4. Applications: Ready-to-deploy applications made with Xsemble. They come with all the Xsemble artefacts (projects, repositories) so that the customer can customize it to their needs.

The marketplace will be open soon. However, we are working with contributors (content providers / sellers) offline. If you wish to contribute (individual or company) please get in touch with us at

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