We are happy to release Xsemble 3.2. This release has many enhancements:

  1. Monitoring Working: The way monitoring works has major changes. There is a new monitoring cloud that acts as the broker between the application to be monitored and the monitoring workbench. The monitored app sends monitoring info to the monitoring cloud and the monitoring workbench works with the monitoring cloud.
  2. Monitoring Key: The monitoring no more happens on the basis of the url of the monitored app, but on the basis of a monitoring key (alphanumeric). The key is added as a project parameter, and it can be overridden at runtime. The Monitoring Workbench then connects using this monitoring key.
  3. Parameterization: At the time of property definition, you can specify the max level up to which it can be set. Therefore, while setting, if it is meant for burn time only, checking that it is set is easy.
  4. Burn Options: The burn options (like adding monitoring support, compiling and deploying) are now re-defined as layer parameters. Therefore, they get saved when you save the project, and reused next time unless you change those. The previous “Force overwrite” option is now removed, and it is always enabled.
  5. Burn Dialog: Major retrofitting of the burn dialog. It becomes easy to make pre-burn checks right from within this dialog. Helpful text is added to the dialog.
  6. Reload Parameters: Both Java and PHP applications now have a facility of reloading the parameters (both layer and node parameters) without having to stop the application. This may be invoked through browser using url: “<BASE_URL>/reloadparams”. Note that there is no /x in the url. This facility is meant to reduce the instances that the application needs to be restarted. One good use case is to change the monitoring key on the server properties file and reloading, so that the new monitoring key takes effect. (Note that the application will stop sending records to the monitoring cloud if this key is blank. So you can use it as a switch.)
  7. User Permissions: Allowable version check is now relaxed to check only the major version. Therefore, users having access to 3.0 or 3.1 will automatically have same access to 3.2.
  8. Expiry Alert: An alert notifies you if your Xsemble license is about to expire in a week.
  9. Component Implementation: Existing component implementation string is now honored, and the implementation code gets picked up from the earlier location.
  10. Bug fixes: A few more bug fixes have gone into this release.