10Xofy is offering Java programming internships to IT students. We have tied up with a leading college in Pune to offer internships to 45+ students there. In addition, we have recently received inquiries from students outside this college, and so we have decided to open up the internships to a very limited number of outside students. The intent of this blog post is to reach out to any deserving students so they do not miss out on this opportunity.

These 3 month internships are scheduled to start from June 21st. Students will get an internship certificate on successful completion.

Nature of Internships

Our internships are executed remotely, which means that students do not need to visit our office for the same. You could do the projects from their homes, colleges or anywhere you prefer. You will need a laptop or a PC where software may be installed. Being focused on Java programming, most variety of platforms (Windows, Linux or Mac) would be okay.

The internships are designed to help the students maximize the learning of programming through hands-on programming of small modules. If you are already comfortable with programming, then it will enhance your skills further. On the other hand, if you are not, then you can acquire these skills — one area at a time. During the internship, you will be focused on one module at a time, and will move to the next one after the successful completion of that.

10Xofy will provide the modules and set the expectations of what is needed for the modules to be accepted. 10Xofy will not provide any technical training, as there is already plenty of good training material available online.

This is not easy for some, especially if you are not exposed to programming before. But we have seen that if students push themselves a bit then they are able to do it. What you need is sincerity and determination. We do not want to see any students in the program who do not have these qualities.

During the course of internship, 10Xofy plans to have interaction with the students in online and offline modes:

  • Online: Through Facebook page https://facebook.com/Xsemble
  • Offline: Through planned regular meetings (called Durbar)

How to Join

For any students who would like to join the programme should form teams of 2 to 3 students, and send us a request for enrolling on connect@10Xofy.com before June 20th, 2018.

Students or colleges are invited to check out the underlying model here.