We are happy to release Xsemble 3.6. There are 3 significant changes in this version:

  1. Export Documentation
  2. Syntax highlighting of the Implementation dialog
  3. Enhancements to Xsemble User Guide

Export Documentation

In the new release of Xsemble, open any project in Assembler’s Workbench and click Alt+Shift+D. That will generate the documentation for the enclosing namespace.

What is a namespace? The namespace basically corresponds to a folder in your file system, which can contain any number of component repositories and projects (application blueprints). This lets you group related repositories and projects together under a namespace, and version control all the artifacts in it. In software project companies, you could create different namespaces for different client projects. In product companies, you could create those for different product ideas / initiatives.

The documentation is exported in HTML format and can be opened with a web browser. It has good inter-linking. That makes it possible to jump from, say, from the encompassing namespace to a Project or a Repository, or from a node within a Project to its base component within a Repository.

Exported documentation

Syntax Highlighting of Code

The implementation template dialog in the Developer’s Workbench shows the auto-generated code template on the left side and the actual implementation code (derived from that) on the right. The dialog was never meant to rival the excellent editors / IDEs that programmers are used to. Yet, it works well for quick editing.

In this release of Xsemble, we added Syntax coloring to this code, both on the left and right side. That makes the quick editing more easy. As the following figure indicates, a few other minor changes have been applied to this dialog.

Syntax highlighting

Enhancements to Xsemble User Guide

With every version, the documentation included with Xsemble, namely the User Guide and the Reference Guide, are updated with the new release. However, this time, a couple of chapters from the User Guide got a complete overhaul, making it easier to follow. We hope this makes it easy to practise Xsemble.