We announce the release of Xsemble version 3.2.1. It contains initial support for Spring Boot technology, and a few more improvements over release 3.2.0. The release can now be obtained from the Get Started page.

Spring Boot Support

Spring Technology: Spring framework and Spring boot

Spring MVC framework is a rich framework for developing Java based enterprise web applications / web services including those based on the microservices architecture. The framework features many pre-existing Spring components (called as Spring beans) available for reuse. Spring boot adds to it a convenience layer with “convention over configuration” philosophy that reduces the boilerplate code. Spring boot applications are therefore easy to develop and maintain, and this has resulted in becoming very popular among the Java community.

Spring Boot Support in Xsemble

Xsemble Method and Entry point components can now have new “Spring Service” implementation that is compatible with the new “Spring Boot with MVC” platform. These implementations are first class Spring boot services, annotated with the @Service annotation, so that other Spring boot beans may be injected into them and called.

As far as UI is concerned, the JSP technology was already supported by Xsemble, and the same pages can now be reused on the new “Spring Boot with MVC” platform in addition to their existing “Java EE” platform.

Like PHP, you get a separate Spring boot cartridge which enables the Spring Boot support.

Other Changes

Apart from that, there are a few minor bug fixes and little enhancements (like sorting the order of nodes in couple of places where it was missing).

The monitoring framework was already re-engineered as of release 3.2.0, but a glitch had blocked its use for most part. It has been resolved now in release 3.2.1.