After great networking at SEAP Pune Connect 2018 (on October 20th) the Xsemble team was very excited about attending NASSCOM Product Conclave 2018 (on October 25-26) at Bengaluru. And why wouldn’t we be? Bengaluru has been known to have the largest activity in the IT space and is a great hub of startups. True to the expectations, Bengaluru turned out to be another great networking opportunity. As with the SEAP members in Pune, the NASSCOM members in Bengaluru left no stone unturned to attract the right kind of crowd to the event, most of which checked out the stalls present.


We lost most of the cards collected at our stall at Bengaluru. To be more precise, they were stolen from our stall towards the end of the day. Someone seems to have needed them quite dearly. What that person did is unethical, cruel and plainly wrong. It lets so much effort and money from our side down the drain. We are genuinely hurt.

However, now that it is done, rather than losing sleep over it, let’s make this go viral, so that this post reaches out to our lost visitors and they will connect with us. Let’s add your weirdest theories on how the cards got lost and share it ahead. Let your creative juices flow.

Here are our some starting theories from our side:

  1. A startup “Magneto-Cards” present there has developed a new kind of magnet which attracts only visiting cards, and they were demonstrating the capabilities.
  2. Someone nearby sneezed and that blew away the cards.
  3. Somewhere in another continent, a butterfly fluttered its wings, and it created so much chaos in the cosmos that the visiting cards were lost in an anomaly.