About 10Xofy:
10Xofy is a startup into software research. It has developed a patent-pending product suite ‘Xsemble’ that helps software development easier by meaningfully involving programming and non-programming stakeholders. It does this through combining visual programming with modular development. 10Xofy is a highly technology driven company, seeking technology solutions to business problems.

About the internship:
Xsemble.com is a great upcoming option to build Java JEE based applications. Through visual programming and component based development, Xsemble reduces the development effort and risk, and raises the visibility to even non programming stakeholders. The internship comprises of:
1. Learning Xsemble
2. Creating reusable components corresponding a domain of your liking
3. Creating sample application(s) in Xsemble that utilize your components

What you get:
1. Learning Xsemble, so you can showcase that as a skill on your CV
2. Hands-on experience in the domain of your liking (see the starter list below)
3. Internship completion certificate at the end of successful completion

We shall be sponsoring an Xsemble license for the duration of your internship. The work that you submit will become 10Xofy company’s property and can be used for any purpose, including business purpose. There is no stipend offered.

Given below is an indicative list of topics. Feel free to choose from the list or suggest more based on your liking:
– Cyber Security: algorithms – such as encryption/ decryption
– Data science algorithms
– AI/ML algorithms
– Mashups: Visual components such as maps, charts
– Engineering
– Research

Candidates need to submit a proposal to build specific Xsemble components (and sample applications which demonstrate their use) in the areas they choose, based on which internship will be granted. Teams of 2 or 3 students are encouraged.

Last date for submission is June 30, 2019. Send your applications / queries to connect@xsemble.com.