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You need Java (JDK8 or above) installed on your machine. We recommend the OpenJDK11 distribution. The installation instructions are different on different platforms, the most generic being downloading the binaries, extracting them and including the bin folder in your PATH environment variable.
Later, for building the web application source code locally, you will need gradle. Download latest version of gradle and configure it as per the instructions on the same page.
Finally, for running the web applications created with Xsemble locally, you will need Apache Tomcat or another JEE compliant server. We recommend downloading version 9.x of Apache Tomcat.

Refer to the pre-requisites and installation videos if you need help.

Getting Xsemble

Xsemble is a suite of three desktop applications. These applications need a product key to function. This product key is specific to a user and machine. It is created based on your product key request. Thus, getting Xsemble is a 3 step process:

  1. Create a product key request: Download this Java program (here is its source for reference) and run it on your system.
    This can be done by running the command "java RequestProductKey" in your command prompt from the folder where you place the binary. It will ask for basic information and also capture your machine id. Enter product name as Xsemble:amd and version as 2.3 when prompted. Expiry date will be one month in future for the free trial.
    The program will store this information in a file with extension .properties and inform you accordingly.
    This file is a plain text file, and can be examined with a text editor.
  2. Apply for the product key: Email this file to to apply for the product key. We shall create the product key. We shall send that to you in reply, along with the instructions to download and install Xsemble.
  3. Download and install: Follow those instructions to download and install Xsemble. The installation is easy and you should get set in less than 5 minutes. You will now be able to use Xsemble.

The videos under Prerequisites and Installation section can guide you during this process. Write to if you face any challenges.