Use Scenarios

Software Outsourcing

Outsource the development of components instead of the whole application. You control the working of software by visually modifying the blueprint. No programming required.

Software Development

Get bench resources to develop components if your project is getting delayed. Reduce knowledge transfer and rework. Make efficient use of resources and save cost.

IT Education

The best way to learn programming is through doing practicals. Give the students assignments of developing individual components -- one at a time.

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Xsemble suite consists of three desktop applications, which use the services of Xsemble cloud in the background as needed. These applications are created with Java technology, and work on a wide range of platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS and others) that support Java8 and above.

All your code and supporting artefacts are stored within your file system, and may be version controlled using a version control system such as git. They are processed locally by the Xsemble desktop applications.

Here are a few introductory screencasts.

Pricing & Contributions

To use for FREE: It should be practically possible to keep using Xsemble for FREE beyond the free trial, as long as you contribute to Xsemble. You earn points for your contribution. These points may be redeemed against the license fees. Your contribution could be either in terms of helping us spread the word digitally (social promotion), or by contributing components to Xsemble.

To get a custom quote, please write to us about your requirements specifying number of users, duration and which of the three tools you need. Also please let us know about your training and support needs. It may be a good idea to do this when you have a better first hand idea of your requirements by trying out Xsemble. In either case, please write to us at and we shall be happy to assist.

Case Studies / Testimonials

Case Study at SoftDEL

When Xsemble was used at SoftDEL, it was the first ever time that it was used outside 10Xofy. The conditions were quite challenging and Xsemble shined through it. The below video covers this experience through 3 perspectives: the programmer's perspective, the Project Manager's perspective and the top management's perspective.

Student Projects

Practical learning of programming concepts is achieved through mass internships provided to college students. The students worked in their free time, from the convenience of their college lab or at their homes, and gained good confidence.


Here are some common questions that we get asked a lot.

Xsemble is equally suitable for all sized projects - small to large. Xsemble shines in situations when the software is expected to grow with time, and needs to be maintained throughout its life. We do not advise Xsemble for quick-and-dirty throwaway projects.

Usually it is not a good idea to introduce a heterogeneous technology into an existing project. However, there may be some good reasons to introduce Xsemble even into an existing codebase:

  • Conventional codebases are not completely modular and have a tendency to grow incredibly complex with time, becoming difficult to maintain and risky to change. In such cases, it might be a good idea to put one time effort to componentize and move the codebase to Xsemble, so that it becomes maintainable over life.
  • It is possible for Xsemble based code to be called from legacy code, and vice versa. This option can be taken to let the legacy code stay as it is, and have any new enhancements get advantages of Xsemble. Java enjoys great interoperability with even non-Java codebases, which can be exploited by Xsemble components.

Xsemble is equally suited for various programming methodologies such as waterfall or various agile methodologies. Having said that, Xsemble adds another dimension to managing projects. Project estimation and tracking can be done more crisply and accurately in terms of Xsemble components. Xsemble's progress reporting functionality can be used to export the estimation and tracking data to Excel sheet so that it can be formatted in a familar format such as a Kanban board.

10Xofy is keen to support Xsemble adoption. We provide help in terms of training and consulting, and are looking to engage deeper into select projects to drive tangible benefits. 10Xofy is willing to help companies by referring resources adept in working with Xsemble, and plans to provide certifications to formalize this. Further, our sister concern Acism is equipped to carry out projects using Xsemble.

FREE Trial

Avail 30 days FREE Trial.
You might be able to churn out a decent software with Xsemble during the trial period itself.

Here are the steps to apply:

  1. Download this Java programme (binary / source) and run it on your system. This can be done by running the command "java RequestProductKey" in your command prompt from the folder where you place the binary. It will ask for basic information and also capture your machine id. (Enter product name as Xsemble:amd and version as 2.3.) The information will be stored in a file which you will need to send to us for creating your product key. (This file is in plain text, and you may check the contents before sending.)
  2. We shall generate your product key and send it to you, along with the link to download Xsemble desktop applications.
  3. Download those applications and follow the simple installation instructions to get set within 2 minutes. You will now be able to use Xsemble.

Write to if you face any challenges.